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10.01.2017 Café | Mathis Neuhaus: It has often been said that art possesses the quality to change the world. There is, of course, a fair share of hope and optimism stirred into this phrase, but current times could need more of both.
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04.01.2017 Gallery | Mathis Neuhaus: Donna Verheijden looks beneath the surface. Surfaces, to be precise. Beneath all those which are super-HD, super-glossy, super-flat. Music videos, commercials and pop cultural images that are part of our collective memory are her objects of investigation. In her work she tries to decode them, because usually we don’t.
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Luc Mastenbroek: A week ago today we celebrated our one-year anniversary by sharing cake, birthday wishes and memories of the past year. Two days before the celebration we rounded off 2016 with a twenty-five hour New Year’s Day party that left us with weeks of positive vibes.
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31.12.2016 Café | Alise Akimova: A healthy and delicious breakfast is more then essential in case you plan on dancing until the light of days. To start off the New Year, brunch accompanied by friends and loved ones is the way to do it just right.
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14.12.2016 Gallery | Floor van Hulsen: It’s 08:00 on a Monday morning. As I try to concentrate on my blog I’m constantly distracted by my Facebook inbox, Whatsapp messages and emails that keep coming in. And as if that wasn’t enough, I don’t pay for my Spotify account so commercials pollute my heart-felt playlist.
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08.12.2016 Club | Luc Mastenbroek: Traditionally January is the month for deejay holidays. During the summer break, there’s non-stop festivals, and now the festival plot ever thickens (I believe Dutch festival seasons runs from March to November), the only month to go to Bali is right at the start of the year.
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01.12.2016 Café | Mathis Neuhaus: Let’s face it: our attention span has seen better times. Over the last years it did not extend. Rather, the opposite is the case. While reading a text on the Internet, the eyes drift off to other open tabs in the browser, a movie is paused to quickly check new emails and messages and a book is almost always competing with some screen that glows nearby.
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29.11.2016 Club | Mathis Neuhaus: Time flies when you are having fun. Which is probably one of the reasons why the last eleven months gone by so swiftly. Stories have been told about the still-wet color on the dancefloor’s walls during the opening days in January. These days you already find little scribblings, messages and codes all over the place.
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26.11.2016 Club | Jasmin Hoek: It's 2016 and all-male lineups are still the norm. Which is strange, for me at least, because gender doesn't play a role in my taste in music.
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