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17.08.2016 | After a series of spectacular matches, endless passion and an exciting climax, the dust of the NK Trefbal 2016 has settled. The ultimate winner: Rush Hour, with an end result of 5-2 in the finale versus HotMamaHot. Now it’s time for you to mobilize your friends and have a go at the red balls yourself, because we’re organizing a new tournament in the beginning of September for which everyone can register!

What do you have to do to enter? Post a photo of six-person (or more) team in our Facebook event (link). Think along the lines of crazy poses, home-made banners, creative team outfits: you can go all-out on this one. We’ll select the most creative and outgoing teams after two weeks and send out the game schedule. The games of the group stages will be played in Het Gymlokaal from Tuesday September 13th until Friday September 16th from 17:00 to 18:30, after which the knock-out phase of the tournament commences. Everyone is more than welcome to cheer on his and her favorite team.

A dodgeball tournament wouldn't be complete without a prize attached to it, so for this edition the eventual winners will receive a complete diner in Restaurant DS and a 3-month subscription to Het Gymlokaal! 

For those who have trouble remembering the rules of dodgeball, this is how we'll be playing during our tournament:

- A team consists of 6 persons.
- A ground-hit is not a valid throw. 
- When you are hit, your're out and get to stand behind the field of the opponent to help your team.
- Catching a ball means that the initial striker is out and a teammate of yours can come back from behind the baseline. If you hit someone from behind the baseline, you can return to your original half.
- A headshot is not a valid throw.

We're looking forward to all of your photos, keep an eye on the deadline!
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