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Thu 01.12
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Wed 07.12
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Thu 08.12
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Fri 09.12
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Sat 10.12
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01.12.2016 Café | Mathis Neuhaus: Let’s face it: our attention span has seen better times. Over the last years it did not extend. Rather, the opposite is the case. While reading a text on the Internet, the eyes drift off to other open tabs in the browser, a movie is paused to quickly check new emails and messages and a book is almost always competing with some screen that glows nearby.
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29.11.2016 Club | Mathis Neuhaus: Time flies when you are having fun. Which is probably one of the reasons why the last eleven months gone by so swiftly. Stories have been told about the still-wet color on the dancefloor’s walls during the opening days in January. These days you already find little scribblings, messages and codes all over the place.
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A couple of weeks ago we had a brand new tournament in Het Gymlokaal during ADE - a futsal tournament together with Resident Advisor for the charity Help Refugees. We liked this so much, that we’ll be organizing a monthly sporting event entitled De Sportdag. The first edition will take place on Saturday December 17 from 11:00 to 17:00 and we’ll be playing futsal just like last month!
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26.11.2016 Club | Jasmin Hoek: It's 2016 and all-male lineups are still the norm. Which is strange, for me at least, because gender doesn't play a role in my taste in music.
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24.11.2016 Café | Ben Rogerson: Since its birth, De School has been in a constant catch up with its own expectations. Its continual progression can be characterised by every facet, whether it’s in the club or the gym or an exhibition or the restaurant or café.
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19.11.2016 Club | Jasmin Hoek: You know those DJs that have a jealous making ability to blend everything seamlessly together? That kind of DJ is Josey Rebelle. Without you even noticing, the question “Wait, wasn’t I listening to something different two seconds ago?” keeps on popping up in your head while listening to her sets.
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16.11.2016 Club | Jasmin Hoek: In anticipation of De School’s special trance night, I met up with Joeri Woudstra, better known as Torus. You will probably recognize Torus from either his music released under the Rwina record label, or his legendary performance at Lowlands last year, or even a more recent project: his Red Light Radio trance special, Green Laser Radio.
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15.11.2016 Club | Jack Dolan: A friend once described drum & bass to me as 'the genre that refuses to die'. This was clearly meant as a cutting remark, and I admit it tickled me quite a lot but it also occurred to me that it could be taken as a compliment.
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13.11.2016 Club | Mathis Neuhaus: What is it that defines a dance floor? One could argue for the necessity of certain obvious elements like a booth, a booming sound system or just any, in the sense of the word, floor that provides enough space to dance. But then again, at some point everyone certainly made the experience of a functioning dance floor without any of the above stated factors given and without any of the above stated factors missed.
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